Bring the Kaali Peeli Back.


The Kaali Peeli (Black and Yellow) taxi is iconic in Mumbai. The taxi drivers, however, were having a tough time competing with the likes of Uber since the introduction of the app. Even though they had lower fares, it was just more convenient to use an Uber.

Kulo’s goal was to build an app which would be an Uber for the Kaali Peeli’s Union which would allow the common commutor of Mumbai to ride at fixed rates provided by the Government of India.


August – November 2015
4 months


Worked with the founders and two developers to design the front end of the app for passengers in Material Design. User flows were brainstormed, following which wireframes and interfaces were designed, iterated, and handed over to the developer.


As a freelancer I was brought on board to help create the user interfaces of the app. I created wireframes, learnt about Material Design, made the interfaces based on it. I designed Kulo’s logo and print collateral. Worked with the founders and developers and made iterations based on their feedback.


Designed wireframes based on the user flow and Material Design principles. Researched a lot about Material Design in the process and planned the interfaces accordingly.


Using Material Design templates, designed the interfaces of the app in Illustrator. Narrowed down on the color pallete at this stage.


Once the team had finalised on the name, I proceeded to sketch a few logo ideas. After iterations and brainstorming sessions, I designed the Kulo logo and delivered a logo package. Designed business cards for the founders to be used in their marketing efforts.


This project was a huge learning curve for me. It was the first time that I was designing an app after having done mostly print-based designs. I learned about Material Design principles and tried to incorporate it into my work. I also got to experienced what it’s like to work with a small start-up team


Gaurav Rawat