To redesign and restructure the website for Exo Edge, a B2B company to feature their services. Exo Edge’s goal was to make the brand accessible to an expanded target audience and showcase the friendly and approachable work culture of the company.


November – December 2019


My team and I created three different style tiles keeping in mind the requirements of the client. The content strategy was directed to the whole website to make it user-friendly. Optimized the content for search engines with relevant keywords.
Designed the wireframes for the proposed content structure and made mockups with the content, iconography, and images. After the mockups were approved, the whole website was developed and made responsive.


Lead the creative direction in terms of UI design to make it focused on the friendly and professional approach, required by the client. I had regular meetings with the client to keep them updated and get regular feedback on our progress. Managed the project and delegated tasks to my team. Proofread the content and made final checks to the website and made sure it was responsive and had easy access. Onboarded the client onto the CMS platform and trained them on how to use it.

Style Tile

Each style tile consisted of the color schemes, typography, imagery, icons and button options for the client.

Wireframes and mockups

Worked around the proposed data and modified the wireframes to the requirements of the client. Optimized the mockups for the website to make it approachable and friendly.

WordPress development

Recreated the approved mockups in WordPress and made the whole website responsive and reachable. Tested the site on multiple browsers and devices to ensure all best-practice SEO criteria were met.


With my team working on different aspects of the website, we were able to recreate the website for the client successfully meeting all their requirements. With the different options provided, the client could choose what suits them the best. Got the client inducted to the CMS for an easy approach.


Swati Bhadoria