Redesigning the branding for Financial Horizons who were processing a business transformation, they wanted to showcase the changes and the values their company was incorporating.
“Family” was the key feature in their work and they sought to be friendly, comfortable, honest, trustworthy, and approachable.


October 2019


Looking at the values of the company, blue and yellow brand colors were chosen. With the family element in mind, four logo options were provided that resonated with the essence of the company. The final logo was delivered depicting comfort and friendliness. A brand guide was also developed that consisted of color schemes, logos usage, and typography parallel to the ethics of the company. Business cards, stationery kits, email signatures were also designed as a part of the branding


Creative directed the logo designs and made it more customer-friendly. Made sure the branding had elements of trust, approachability and friendly nature of the customer. Kept regular contact with the client to ensure all the requirements were met. Optimized the branding design to keep it in line with the ethics of the company.

Logo Design

Investigated different logo options that had horizons and family elements to it. The shapes were designed in a way that expressed the bond of a family. The colors blue and yellow represented signs of comfort, friendliness and other values of the client.

Brand Guide

A brand guide was designed for the client which included the color scheme, logo variations, and typography aligned to the concept of being a family-oriented business which is friendly and accessible.


For the branding of Financial Horizons, business cards, email signature, and a presentation folder were designed for them as part of their stationery kit, primarily based on the elements outlined in the brand guide.


Conducted the entire brand design exercise successfully while keeping the client and their audience in mind. Involved the client at every step to ensure that their brand was going in the direction that they envisioned.


Patrick Flynn