Design Print Collateral


For a workshop organized by Supari Studios with Youtube, create sign boards for classrooms and lounge area, banners, and posters for classroom and lounge area, schedule brochure of the classes, wayfinding signs for the campus.


September 2016
2 weeks


Study YouTube’s branding and the mood board for the workshop put together by supari Studios. Study the schedule of the event and design a brochure that communicates all the essential details. Use YouTube NextUp’s creative assets if required to create all the design collaterals.


Design and deliver final print files for the brochure, posters, wayfinding signs and sign boards. Work with the team to put together all the content. Get designs approved and export assets for printing.


Designed a brochure that included the schedule of the workshops spread over a period of 5 days, the syllabus they would cover and the map of the campus.

Classroom Boards

Designed classroom boards for all the workshops, along with a smaller board for when the class was in progress to be placed in-front during the session.

Direction Boards

Designed signages to be placed across the campus for participants to find their way.


Presently the project is still in development. Handed the HTML & CSS files to the programmer to develop the website. Coordinating with the client to maintain the fidelity of the design and walking them through the various deliverables.