Drive Donations


Create an automated email marketing campaign to increase donations from people who have already added their voice but have not made a donation. This can be done by emphasizing on their contribution by letting them know the impact they have already caused and have the potential of causing. The campaign was to be run for the holiday season.


Oct 2017 – Jan 2018
4 months


Come up with an email marketing campaign strategy to increase donations from subscribers during the holiday season. Design email workflows and redesign existing landing pages. Write content and design emails in MailChimp. Import subscribers list and set up Google Analytics tags. Test the campaign to make sure the loop is tracked from start to finish. Run the campaign.


Studied the website, landing pages and target audience of the Non-profit. Created a strategy after brainstorming with the client. Designed email workflows and presented to the client. Post discussion, designed the emails and helped write the content. Tested the design through MailChimp and iterated. Recreated the flow in Mailchimp, set up triggers and scheduled emails. Imported the list of contacts and ran the campaign. Monitored the reports to improve the conversion rate of the next round of emails.

Email Workflows

Based on discussions with the team, the action we wanted subscribers to take was to donate. Created email flows to drive conversions.

Design & Content

Sketched layouts for the emails, wrote content and then designed them in MailChimp. Sent test emails to the team and iterated the designs. Created the flow using MailChimp’s automation feature. Set up triggers and scheduled emails.

Landing Pages

Re-designed the existing landing pages keeping the CTA in mind. Ran the campaign for the holiday season.

Notes on the original landing page. Visitors couldn’t access it without logging in.

Created a flow for the landing page. Visitors should be able to view it without logging in, on filling out the form, the system should check if they have an existing account

The final landing page after a few rounds of iteration. Squeezed it down to one page, while adding a heading and text aimed at getting the visitor to take an action.


Learned a lot about email marketing during this project which is still ongoing. Faced problems with the integration of the payment gateway which was resulting in low conversion rates. Explored automation tools and used MailChimp. Had to modify the workflow to fit MailChimp’s linear flow structure. Coordinated with client and developer overseas on this project.